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Lords of Xulima - Post-Funding Update #18

by Couchpotato, 2013-11-30 04:17:13

In the first post-funding update for Lords of Xulima Numantian Games says thanks to all the backers, and gives a link to a pre-order page.

The Lords of Xulima are with us! Funding successful!

Talk about going out with a bang! Who would’ve thought all your activity and energy could spread so wildly? That your support and cheers in the comments (and everywhere else) could accomplish so much? But it did, and now we’re looking at an amazing conclusion for this exhausting, but exciting month of November.

It has been so much work, but it’s all worth it when we get to see how so many others believe in Lords of Xulima.  As you might know, we only asked for contributions towards the end of the game’s development cycle, so we could get LoX into your hands as soon as possible. We promise to you that we will!

Also, there has been talk of Paypal donations post-campaign. You humble us, really, but there’s no way we can accept a donation without at least offering something in return!

The Pre-order page is up: There are 6 different editions and new 4 add-on packages to choose from, so plenty of fun shopping to do if you’re thrilled about the game or missed out on some cool perks! 

We’re really working hard on our website at the moment, so I hope you’ll consider visiting from time to time. The pre-order banner is also stickied on our Kickstarter front page. Now I think the Numantian Horse is getting quite restless, and needs some sleep very soon. He’s the team Mascot, so we have to take good care of him.

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