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Blackguards - Impression @ Geeked Out Nation

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-01 10:02:45

Geeked Out Nation takes a look at the Early Access version of Blackguards.

I am really glad to see that there are games, and developers, out there that still treat gamers like adults with functioning frontal lobes. When I suffer a death in Blackguards I don’t blame the game in a fit, but rather I ask myself what I did wrong and how next time I can better handle the situation. This gives players a real sense of achievement and dare I say, makes them better at life in general at applying problem solving logic and thinking before the end their turn.

Blackguards is still Beta right now with a release window of late January on Steam for both PC and MAC. This is great because there are still a number of bugs for the developers to work out such as player targeting not always registering and various sound and voice over miscues. The great thing about Steam is that with early access you can watch and be a part of the final product. I am really looking forward to Blackguards and we will keep you posted on more information as it comes in here at Geeked Out Nation.

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