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Legends of Eisenwald - Post-Funding Update #44

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-02 04:34:51

Aterdux Entertainment has posted a new post-funding update for Legends of Eisenwald with news the third campaign is ready for download.

New chapter Run Away is out! And other news

We are happy to report that the chapter 3 of the main campaign called Run Away is out! On Steam now but soon we will put it on Desura and make a DRM-free version as well. The detailed list of what has been done in this patch you can find here


We will spend some time fixing possible bugs that will arise now but then we are planning to work more on finishing the programming part of the game. Special effects are being done, interface is being redesigned and we are working on testing and balancing the remaining scenarios.

Next big patch that is going to come out soon is the Editor, many players were asking us if they can create scenarios, and with this great tool it will be possible to do that. We think first there will be quite a few scenarios in a sand box style. And maybe then someone brave will take on a story. It would be fun to see, for sure!

As for other news, we moved to a new office and finally settled in here and even celebrated this move with making a patch :) New office is bigger, Internet here is faster and that's more fun overall. We will post soon a few pictures what it looks like now.

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