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The Mandate - Kickstarter Updates #27-29

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-02 05:15:42

Perihelion Interactive have been busy in the last two days with three more updates for The Mandate. Details and links as usual are below.

Update #27- "When the cat is away... + first stretch-goal reached!"

The other day we “talked” about the poem The Destroyers with a bit of help from David Bradley. So today as a natural continuation we thought we would study language phrases and in particular the one phrase “when the cat is away, the mice will play”. How does this apply to The Mandate you ask? And more importantly who is the cat?

Update #28 - "650k achieved, free stuff, and some announcements..."

We just hit the 650k mini-stretch goal on our Kickstarter which is fantastic news! This means that everybody who pledged a total of $50 or more (irrespective of reward tier) will get the digital add-ons strategy guide, art bible and character pack #3 at no additional cost! Keep in mind that we have 13k from PayPal on top of this so the grand total sits at around 664k currently. If we hit 750k either before or after the Kickstarter campaign (the pledges on BackerKit later will count towards stretch goals), everybody who pledged $25 or higher will get the same digital add-ons as well.

Update #29 - "End of the beginning…AMA NOW!!!"

This will be our final update before the end of our campaign. The Reddit AMA starts NOW. CLICK HERE to check it out. In attendance will be

  • Ole (producer & lead designer)
  • Garret (art director)
  • Vegard (tech director)
  • Robert (senior designer)
  • Bolek (programmer)
  • Jimmy (character artist)
  • Greg (environment artist)
  • Michael (community manager).

We will keep the Reddit open for several hours and ideally until either a) you guys stop asking questions or b) we collapse from exhaustion. Garret will also do a live stream. What will he be drawing? We do not know! Check the top of the Reddit thread for a link to the stream (it may start a bit after the Reddit itself).

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