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NWN - Darkness over Daggerford Interview @ Sorcerer's Place

by Dhruin, 2006-10-28 02:19:46

Also at Sorcerer's Place is an interview with Alan Miranda from Ossian Studios about their huge Darkness over Daggerford project:

SP: Alan, you have worked for BioWare for quite a stretch of time. How did that affect your work on the module in contrast with, let's say, the work of a typical module builder, who does not have professional game development experience?

Alan Miranda: Given my professional game development background, I think my expectations for the module were set high from the start. I more or less viewed it as another game that I was making at BioWare, so it had to be of the highest quality. I brought a lot of knowledge to the team about what were good guidelines to follow, based on what I had learned at BioWare. On the flip side though, I had never created a module myself, so there was a lot I learned about the toolset from our team members along the way. They all had very good skills to begin with, but I think the high expectations of the project really encouraged them to step up to a higher level than they had worked at before on their own previous mods.

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