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Skyrim - Editorial @ TheSixthAxis

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-03 03:40:20

The Sixth Axis has posted a new article taking a look at Skyrim, and trying to put in perspective to our world. Weird I know but it's interesting.

On our planet we humans are without a doubt the most dominant species, adapting to and, more often than not, changing the very landscape to fit our wants and needs. During that process how many species have we harmed or driven to extinction with our own demands coming before any others? What if those species could rise up and start a war or even have the ability to overthrow the oppressive humans. Would we sit back and let it happen or fight for our survival and status to remain at the top?

A scenario similar to the hypothetical one I just described occurs in Skyrim, though it’s not the humans that are being overthrown, but doing the overthrowing. In this world the Dragons ruled for centuries, stepping on the humans to advance their own species, even using the humans as slaves to do their bidding.

When the slaves revolt of course the Dragons do what they must to maintain order in their kingdom. However, the slaves are strong and clever which leads the Dragons to take more and more risks to fight back. The war becomes so desperate that the humans can’t kill Alduin so they send him to a different part of time where he and his army have already lost.

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