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Bloom - Update #7, We Made It!

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-03 03:46:17

In the latest kickstarter update for Bloom: Memories Studio Fawn announces the game has reached its goal, and is now funded.

We Made It! Goal Reached!

Hey everyone! We have officially made it to our goal! ~celebrates~  

Thanks so so much for the amazing support from each one of you!! It truly means a lot to the entire team that so many people have chipped in to help us move Bloom forward; we won’t let you down.

Good news is, we still have over a week left! So everything from here just means bigger and better! Starting with our first stretch goal at 50k for additional language support on release.

Also, we added a new digital add-on today which might be of interest. 

  • Alpha Access - $35 (Get access to regular builds as we create them, along with a reporting system to report bugs or suggest changes. These builds will be bleeding edge and will probably break often, but you will get to see Bloom grow as we build it.)

And, of course, we still have a lot of other great add-ons on the main page for you to check out.  

But for now, we can finally relax a little bit and breathe. :)

Anyhow, thanks again so so much for helping us finally get through Kickstarter! It is definitely going to be a busy (but exciting) year!

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