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Might & Magic X - Ubisoft Chengdu

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-04 01:47:15

In the latest post on the Might & Magic X development blog we are introduced to
Ubisoft Chengdu.
They are responsible for a large part of the games graphics.

We thought it was at last time to present you the team behind the hundreds of graphical assets specifically produced for MMX. You might have noticed the MMX graphics are re-used from former Might & Magic games, but we also had to develop hundreds of new 2D graphics like character concepts, game icons, artifacts, hireling portraits and condition portraits.

The team below (picture) are those responsible for creating this new content. Allow me to introduce them to you! Ubisoft Chengdu is a young, dynamic development studio that, in addition to having its own projects, is actively focused on collaborative projects with other Ubisoft studios. As MMX is actually their 4th Might & Magic title in 5 years, Ubisoft Chengdu has developed an expertise on the art direction of the franchise (Ashan universe), which is really valuable for MMX.

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