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Deathfire - Kickstarter Updates #20 & 21

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-05 04:10:21

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore has a few more kickstarter updates in the last day again. You guys should know the drill by now details, and links are below.

Update #20 - "We passed 3,500 backers and offer a new Goal"

The Classless Character is here

Yesterday we managed to pass the 3,500 backer hurdle, which means that we will include a Classless Character Type to the game. As pointed out before, this character class will have the advantage of being a jack-of-all-trades, but he will also have some limitations. Surely, though, it will be a fun class to explore.

With this goal behind us, we have decided to set up a new goal, and I am sure you will like this—a lot! When we reach 4,500 backers, we will add the Nethermancer as a playable class to the game. However, the class will not be available to players straight away. Instead, it will be unlocked once you completed the game, giving you the opportunity to replay the game with this unique character class, which will, of course, offer a number of its own plot variations as you do so.

Update #21- "Greenlit in 20 Days"

Greenlit in only 20 days!

As you might have heard by now, “Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore” has been greenlit on Steam this morning. Amazingly, it took only 20 days to get there, and in the graphs we could see that the game was way ahead of the average curve, just plowing up the charts into the Top 100.

Being greenlit means that we now have a slot in the Steam catalog and we could sell the game on Steam any time we wanted to. Great news! There’s just one hitch… we don’t have a game yet, and as we are going into the final hours of this Kickstarter, hopefully the round of newly greenlit games will attract more players to give our campaign a look. We could certainly use a flock of new backers, couldn’t we? So let’s keep our collective fingers crossed and keep trying to get the message out.

Another video for you

Today I also have a new video clip for you. This is an early animation test of two dragons in front of the Apocryphic Temple. It is still rough around the edges and not properly timed, which is also the reason why it doesn’t have sound, but I wanted to let you guys see this clip before the Kickstarter ends, just to show you once more the scope of the game.

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