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Bloom - Update #8, The Music

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-07 03:40:03

In the latest update for Bloom: Memories we get a look at the games music.

The Music - Adding Depth to Bloom

Hey everyone, Dani here (for just a moment) with another update. Thanks so much for all of the support in getting us this far, it has been an amazing week :) 

But first off...big news! We made it through greenlight!! Now with less than a week to go, we are in our final push to reach some stretch goals. 

Speaking of stretch goals, you might have noticed a new one added to the front page -

$65,000 - Prologue Chapter (Unlocked when you complete Bloom on normal). Play as a key character in the Bloom story leading up to the beginning of the journey. Completion of this chapter unlocks new options in the main story on future games.

Also, here is a new concept for that $5 add-on. Of course, there are still plenty more left to do before voting for the top 2 to print! 

In other news, we have officially teamed up with curse.com who will be providing the Bloom wiki! As more information is released, the wiki will slowly be growing to include all the various bits about Bloom. http://bloom.gamepedia.com/Bloom_Wiki

Anyhow, with those out of the way, onto the update!

Since the last update was about the programming, and before that the artwork, we thought it would be a perfect chance to cover some of the music (which, to us, is much more than "just music"). So, who better to talk about this than our composer Jose Mora-Jimenez.

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