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Bloom - Update #9, Loose Ends

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-09 04:33:14

Studio Fawn has a new Q&A for Bloom: Memories in the games latest update.

Loose Ends - Q&A

Since we are nearing the end of the campaign, I thought it would be a great chance to answer some questions that have popped up. 

Q: How long will the game be?  

A: Judging the total game time in the final game is pretty difficult this early and without testing, but I can safely say the final game won’t be a short 2 hour experience or anything like that. In fact, even just the small pre-alpha demo took most people roughly 15-25 minutes to run through… and that was a tiny extra bit added before you even enter the “proper” more open world or have even gained your most basic skills.  

It takes a little time to tell the story and build the experience we want, so we plan to take all the time we need to do it right.

Q: And what is the replayability like?  

A: First off, I expect players to be able to play through the game several times on normal settings and still find it very rewarding. Since one of the biggest features is the ability to approach and handle situations differently, replaying the game and trying something new will definitely give you different experiences.

Beyond that though, we are planning a + mode (after you have beaten the game on normal, for an extra challenge), as well as some more involved ideas (such as the prologue chapter, or other ways to unlock additional content).

Added to all of this is a world filled with secrets and accomplishments…and you have quite a bit of content to keep people busy (as well as a game that might make quite a few completionists happy; what fun is achieving things if you aren't rewarded?).

Q: How does your character grow?

A: Well, the progression of your character depends on how you play and what type of person you are. Instead of more traditional “skill trees”, we like to approach abilities in a more grounded way and provide them through the actions you take (certain challenges, or exploration, or making certain choices).

Of course, there will also be a “core set” of abilities that are needed to make sure everyone is able to finish the game. But we see these more as key story events, instead of real individualistic character progression.

Outside of abilities, you also grow in terms of who you meet and the characters (or items) you have access to which help you on your journey.

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