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Unwritten - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-10 00:36:48

Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight has failed to get funded for the second time. Here is the last update with more information on what Druid Gameworks plans to do next.

Final Update: Beyond Kickstarter

Hello Again Kickstarters,

Another campaign has come and nearly gone now. We’ve put our best foot forward for our current state of development and while we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished together, it doesn’t look like the crowd funding climate is in our favor right now. Our deepest thanks go out to those who have pledged, re-pledged, and tried desperately to get us to our goal; you guys are amazing, thank you SO much for all of your support!

Now that this Kickstarter is wrapping, let’s talk about what happens next?

Without proper funding, it’s just not possible for us to begin full development on Echoes of Twilight, let alone complete it. Currently, production has stalled as our Havok keys expired at the end of our free trial; we need a minimum of $15,000 just to license our engine and resume our work. We will continue to create assets for Echoes of Twilight, until we are able to raise enough of a project budget to get the engine unlocked again. However, we are unwilling to compromise our vision due to lack of funding. We would rather wait, raise the money needed, and make the game we envisioned, than hack it to pieces to get some mutilated form of the game made for less. It means waiting a little longer for Echoes of Twilight, but having a game that’s worth the wait. 

We will continue to post updates regarding progress on assets for Echoes as well as funding news in our Developer Blog

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