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The Memory of Eldurim - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-10 00:44:50

The Memory of Eldurim has failed to get funded on kickstarter. Liminal Games has been quiet with no update for a while, but have a post on the games webpage.

The Future of MoE and Liminal Games

Hello everyone,

As many of you are aware, our Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. Many of you may have questions about what is going to happen now. Well, here come the answers!

First of all, we want to thank you so much for all the support we had. Obviously we hoped that things would catch on a bit more, but we recognized that success was not the only option. We felt that we had to try at this time because some of us are needing to make life altering decisions and the fate of the Kickstarter is an important variable in deciding what some of us need to do.

That being said, fear not! Development of The Memory of Eldurîm will continue! We are going to have to alter some of our plans, but we are determined to press forward.

Many of us are graduating from university at the end of this year and so finals are upon us as well as the busyness that comes with the holidays so we have been spread pretty thin. We are grateful for your patience.

The Kickstarter did show us that there is a demand for the game. Enough of you were willing to back us that we want to make sure that we keep our idea alive. We are not sure on all the details at the moment, but just know that there are still many things stirring behind the scenes that do look promising for our future.

Nearly 6000 people have downloaded the demo. Additionally, we have had an amazing response on our Steam Greenlight.

As soon as the dust settles from other outside influences in our lives, we will have more news for you.

Thanks again!

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