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Shadowrun Returns - Now Available on GOG

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-10 15:48:27

GOG.com annouces that Shadowrun Returns is avaiable for purchase for 40% off.

Shadowrun Returns, a classy turn-based RPG set in one of the most iconic Sci-Fi worlds where cyberpunk meets fantasy, sporting excellent character development mechanics and a sleek visual style drawing you right into the dark and dangerous Seattle metroplex, is available 40% off on GOG.com, for Windows and Mac OS X. That's $11.99 for the first 48 hours.

People will tell you about the word "Shadowrun". They'll explain that it describes the act of falling off the grid to perform some shady doings for a power that prefers to stay anonymous. Like one corporation trying to silently eliminate some key "assets" of another. Or a high-profile magician in need of some fresh virgin blood. Or the law going after someone that would normally be out of their reach, because of that whole corpo-extraterritoriality thing. Get it? That kind of stuff. But I'll tell you this man, I think that's not where the word originates. I've been around for a long time, and I've seen some things no one was ever supposed to see. I know things that you generally wouldn't want to know. Dangerous, that kind of knowledge, a health hazard if you catch my drift. So, believe me when I tell you: it's not actually "shadowrun". It's "shadow-run". A word describing the true hierarchy of power in our good old sixth world. This whole planet is now being run by shadows whose motivation and goals guys like you and me won't ever understand. I don't even mean the dragons. There's something else out there. Something… different.

Thanks Avantenor for sending in the news.Wink

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