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Bloom - Post-Funding Update #10

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-12 04:02:29

In the first post-funding update for Bloom: Memories Studio Fawn details what happens next now that the game has been funded.

What Happens Next?

Hey there everyone, Dani here again. I’m sure you have already realized, but we have officially made it through Kickstarter!! Thank you all so so much for all the amazing support getting us through. Not just the pledges, but the great feedback and all the support spreading the word and everything else you have been doing to help us reach even further than our original goal. 

While we fell just $1,500 short of the prologue chapter stretch goal, don’t worry, we will be adding paypal onto our website in the next day or two to continue the campaign for a bit (for those that missed us on kickstarter, or the many backers who simply weren't able to use kickstarter). Basically, things should hopefully work out for the prologue chapter :)

So, what happens from here?

Well, in this next week or so I’ll be sending out surveys and a few messages to collect the details on add-ons and shipping addresses for those that need physical rewards (this might be a little slow, I'm actually in the middle of moving and need to be out of here by the 15th...amazing timing right? :| ).

Then, I will be creating more designs for the small print before finally putting them all up for everyone to vote on before being printed out and sent. Don’t worry, the vote will remain up for a while on our website, so there will be plenty of time to let your voice be heard. I'll be making a small announcement with an update here to let you all know when that is ready.

Of course, between all this we will also be pushing ahead with production on Bloom (since, well, that is the main goal after all). For those who selected the alpha updates, this should begin in a month or two when we have our alpha update system set up and are ready to push more builds out (so we will be sending you messages on that when it is ready).

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