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After Reset - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-13 03:48:30

The kickstarter for After Reset has failed to get funded. The developer Black Cloud Studios has a new update with more information.

Our Kickstarter is almost done, and rather than waste your time merely discussing how thankful we are for your support, I’ll simply say that all of us at Black Cloud Studios have been inspired by your love and support throughout the campaign.

Some might view this campaign as a failure, but even though we didn’t collect the $900k needed to complete the development of our game - we did attract more than 1300 classic RPG fans to our cause, and we received two proposals from serious international studios. Sure, one door has closed - but others have opened up to replace it. The game will still be made, but (sadly) it will take much longer this way. We’ll still continue to forward our major website updates, and press releases, to Kickstarter even after the campaign finishes.

So, what comes next? And what does it mean to you, the backer?

Simply put, our plan B at this point is to offer direct backing on our website, adding a few unique features for those who supported us this way (mostly based on community feedback). Backers who pledge over $20 will receive access to our current tech build (available for download by the end of the week), and backers over $35 will also receive exclusive access to a private forum only for 'co-founders,’ where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in polls, developer discussions, and more.

We’re also giving away a few planned ADD-ONs to everyone who directly backs (e.g. feat to learn like Field Weapons Feat which will give you ability to use such rare weapons like the YK42B Pulse Rifle from Fallout 2). Additionally, we’re offering a special thank you for everyone who backed us on Kickstarter for $100 or more, for when you make a direct pledge (and include your KS account name for verification with our analytics):

• Every KS backer of $100 and more will receive the "WAILING WALL" FEATURE for free.
• $275 or more will receive "NAME A WEAPON" FEATURE for free.
• And $525 or more will receive "PERSONAL CHARACTER APPEARANCE" FEATURE for free as well.

You can find out more about these rewards under the ‘Digital Add-ons’ section, below. Naturally, we hope you’ll be generous when it comes to direct backing, but every penny counts - and we know that it’s asking a lot to switch to direct backing, but if we can raise $40-50k and complete the prologue, we’ll be able to show it off on Steam Early Access by Summer of 2014 (since we’re already green lit), and we’re confident that this will give us the momentum we need to secure additional funding. The prologue will include character creation, general game mechanics and stats, and 4-5 areas to explore. This should equate to roughly 1 - 2 hours of actual gameplay, and will require 6-8 months of development to complete (with funding).

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