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Age of Decadence - November Update

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-16 22:05:28

Iron Tower Studio's has posted the latest development update for Age of Decadence.

We finally released the first two chapters on Steam’s Early Access, which is a major milestone.  If you missed the news, the Early Access release gives you 10 locations, which represents about 60% of the game. Three more locations will be added after the New Year, and the remaining seven end-game locations will be released in the summer (we’re planning to start the final beta-test in April-May 2014).

So far, we sold 3,332 copies on Steam and 1,929 copies via our own site and GamersGate, generating $141,780. As always, we want to thank you for your support, patronage, and most importantly, for your faith in our ability to make a game worth playing.

To-date 6,107 people downloaded the demo on Steam; 417 bought the Early Access version after, i.e. 6.8% conversion rate, which, apparently, is pretty good (the industry standards are 1-5% for non-casual games), which means that we need to get the demo in front of more people.

The launch highlighted many issues and generated a lot of feedback, so we spent the last 4 weeks working on the first update. Due to some unforeseen problems, we won't be able to upload the new version to BMT until next week, but the update is out on Steam. We can provide the Steam keys if you want to try it out (In before "You sold out to Steam!!") Wink

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