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GOG - Festivmas Winter Sale

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-18 18:05:12

GOG,com continues the Winter 2013 Sale with a bunch of bundles on sale today. Get ready to break your wallet as I bought almost everyone of them again.

2013 Solstice Festivmas

1. Santa got Scared

2. The BIG Ones 2013

3. Collected Bullfrog Classics

4. To Infinity and Beyond

5. Full of Stars!

6. Dungeons and Dragons DesireFull of Stars!

7. Roguelikelike Bundlelike

8. Tales of Might & Magic

9. Deep in the Dungeons

10. Turn-based 4X Classics

And a few more I didn't list so what are you wating for?Wink

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