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Dark Messiah - Reviews @ Gameinformer & CVG

by Garrett, 2006-10-29 10:15:42

Let's start with Gameinformer, who are rating it with 9.25/10:

Beyond the combat, the ancillary aspects of the game – exploring Dark Messiah’s fantastic world, enjoying the plotline, and simply basking in the great ambiance that Arkane Studios has created – are savory distractions that never get in the way of the core gameplay. From start to finish, the adventure is an amazing experience that demands respect both for its overall excellence and its entirely unique gameplay.

CVG gives it a 8.4/10 and this conclusion:

Dark Messiah is graphically excellent, and a brave attempt to bring convincing hack-and-slash action into the first-person. The character development adds some limited but welcome RPG elements, and there's a constant feeling of rewarding progression and plot advancement. If the game suffers, it's from over-explanation, the occasional lapse in the combat, and the repetitive nature of the environmental weaponry. But I was kept entertained all the way through, and I've never felt so directly responsible for chopping off a goblin's arm. And that has to be a good thing.

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