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Might & Magic X - Deluxe Box & Release Date

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-18 21:30:50

The developers talk about the deluxe box and release date for Might & Magic X in this new video. Though it appears if you live in the US you can't watch the video. Sorry blame them not me. To sum it all up the planned release date is January 23.

For about five months now players have been able to play the Early Access version of Might & Magic X – Legacy. Today the Devs talk about Deluxe Box & Release Date of Might & Magic X - Legacy starring Stephan Winter and Julien Pirou. Stephan, CEO of Limbic Entertainment, and Julien, lead designer at Ubisoft, go back over the Might & Magic X project and reveal details about the game.

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