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Frontiers - Looking for C# Programmers

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-19 18:21:47

The developers of Frontiers are looking for a few C# programmers. So if you have the skills and want some part time work head over to the games forum.

Hear ye, hear ye!

This post will be shotgunned all across the web very shortly but I'm posting it here first so FRONTIERS folks have first dibs. I've had really amazing luck working with you guys on game art - here's hoping I can repeat that experience with game programmers.

I'm looking for C# programmers to help with a variety of odd jobs for part-time contract work. Familiarity with the Unity engine is a plus but not required. Familiarity with any one of the following packages also a plus, but again these are NOT required:

  • PlayMaker
  • NGUI
  • TNet
  • Programmatic manipulation of Unity Terrain

I could post a lot of boilerplate stuff about wanting self-motivated types, etc. etc. but let's just skip that nonsense shall we? If you think we would get along send me an email at [email protected] that includes the following:

  • A code sample or demo of your work - doesn't have to be pro, just robust and functional.
  • Your hourly / daily rate
  • Your working schedule / availability over the next 2 months

I'll be pairing people up with tasks that best match their skill sets and rates so don't be shy about telling me what you're good at and how much your time is worth.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Feel free to post questions below.

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