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Elder Scrolls Online - Dev Q&A @ ElitistJerks

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-20 01:06:27

The ElitistJerks forum hosted a new Q&A session with the Lead PvP Designer for The Elder Scrolls Online. Topics include PvP, Map Size, Factions, and Guilds.

Cyrodiil Geography

Cyrodiil in our timeline will look very familiar to Oblivion, however much more spread out.  To the question of Jungles in Cyrodiil and the question of Tiber Septim changing the climate, we have a book in the game for you to find for more details about that hiding in Cyrodiil itself ;)

PvP Campaigns

During Beta we have been using a 48 hour Campaign ruleset but standard Campaigns will last 3 months.  We have the ability to make scoring changes and duration changes depending on player needs and we'll analyze how scoring goes to determine if we need alternate rulesets with different duration, scoring, but also if we need to add player level restricted Campaigns or not.  There really is a great deal of flexibility with the Campaign system, and we will be paying close attention to what players ask for to determine which Campaign rules we add.

Guild Ownership

Guilds can claim 1 keep, farm, lumbermill, or mine at a time (only 1...not 1 of each).  Claiming is simply done by talking with the Quartermaster at those locations

Framerate and Accessible Areas

Framerate is always a top concern and we are always (that includes as I write this) optimizing the game not only on your local installation but also on the servers you connect to.  Besides that, there are many graphical options which can be adjusted to help get faster graphical performance.  

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