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The Shadow Sun - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-21 03:33:08

I have a batch of new revviews for the recently releaed iOS RPG The Shadow Sun.

Toucharcade - 4/5

Despite its 3+ year development cycle, Shadow Sun is far from being a ‘perfect’ RPG. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable. Sure, there are a few areas I would have liked to see improved, but I think Shadow Sun succeeds in the areas that matter the most. With a compelling story, plenty of content, and a character customization system that works, Shadow Sun succeeds in its goal as a Western RPG. I only hope that trend continues and we see future outings.

Gamezebo -  4/5

Ossian says there is about 10-15 hours of content in The Shadow Sun, and though I didn’t get through it all for this review, I saw enough to say there aren’t too many games like this on iOS right now. Despite some mildly rough edges, there’s plenty here to recommend. And yes, it was largely worth the wait.

Digitally Downloaded -  4.5/5

As an exclusive mobile RPG it's yet another example of why folks who had previously overlooked mobile platforms for their gaming potential should reconsider that stance. I can only cross my fingers and hope the game is a success and the developers are encouraged to continue building on the interesting fantasy world that they've built and not fully explored.

Pockettactics - 4/5

What you’re really getting here is one good act out of what could have been a longer, three or four act RPG. If that’s a problem, fair enough, but if you treat The Shadow Sun as a sort of gamey pulp fiction, you’ll find it’s just deep enough. Wanting more of the same out of a title is far better than just wanting more.

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