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The Banner Saga - Preview @ Eurogamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-21 03:41:40

Eurogamer takes a look at The Banner Saga , and comes to the conclusion the game is much more than you're expecting.

So much has changed in two years, then, and Stoic is on the cusp of cementing the life-changing direction that Kickstarter afforded. But one thing didn't change when the Kickstarter bucks rolled in, and it's one thing that makes me confident about Stoic's future: there are still only three people working there. They didn't bulk up, they sensibly contracted help, and now they are back down to three. And that means small overheads.

Thomas calculated what he'd need The Banner Saga to sell in order for the dream to stay alive and "it was really a very small number that we need to, you know, maintain living conditions". "And it's looking pretty promising for considerably more than that," he adds.

"I'm hoping people come away really blown away by a much more involving game than they are expecting," he finishes up. "We designed something that a three-person team could make feel like a big studio produced, this large engaging RPG. I'm hoping people come away invested in the world that we made, wanting to see it through with their characters and find out what happens."

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