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Elder Scrolls Online - Cyrodiilís Keeps

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-22 03:37:32

ZeniMax Online has a new post for The Elder Scrolls Online about the keeps of Cyrodiil.

Three alliances clash in Cyrodiil. Fierce battles erupt around fortified keeps throughout the region as the Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant, and Aldmeri Dominion struggle to conquer and control more territory. These keeps are critical to each side’s war efforts, and when you venture into Cyrodiil, chances are you’ll find yourself embroiled in the efforts to assault or defend them. In this Creating ESO, we’re taking a closer look at these fortifications.

We couldn’t jump right into building out keeps and creating art straight away. Though we had plans for how we wanted them to function, we needed to ensure we could meet the technical requirements for those ideas. Our designers worked with engineers to build a framework that could support the design goals—features like destructible keep walls, siege weapons, and large numbers of player characters on-screen had to be considered from both a technology and design standpoint.

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