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Van Helsing - Review @ PixelGate

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-22 04:31:16

PixelGate has a new review for The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing.

Is the game bad? No, but there’s some issues floating around in the game such as it feeling unpolished and at times quite boring, and meh during the campaign experience. I also never really got the chance to check-out the co-operative aspect due to connection issues, but it’s definitely still a fun game to romp through and at-least spend a little bit of time with.

If you enjoy games like Torchlight, and Diablo then you’ll probably still have a good time with Van Helsing if you can overlook some of the minor issues present with the game. Should you pick it up? Why not, it’s only about $10 on Steam right now due to the Winter sale and for that price I can definitely recommend the game. Plus, it is based on a licensed property and most games that are don’t really live up to standards, but Van Helsing is at-least still playable, and can be still enjoyed from time to time.

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