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Wasteland 2 - Preview @ Should You Play It

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-26 05:49:06

A site by the name of Should You Play It takes a look at the early beta of Wasteland 2.

Should You Play Wasteland 2?

Casual(Easy): Except for possibly the combat, everything else in Wasteland 2 is easy since it just requires exploration and having the correct skills. There is a difficulty setting for when combat gets tough, but it currently doesn't seem to actually affect anything as of right now.

Casual(Quick Play Sessions): Unless you're in the middle of combat, you can save the game at any time, allowing you to play the game however long you want at intervals.

Hardcore: There is a difficulty setting, but so far it doesn't seem to actually affect much if anything, especially combat. Whether or not the game feels hardcore is more about what skills you choose to have present on your characters, since they will all determine what you can do while playing.

Completionist: There is a lot of content in Wasteland 2 for you to complete, and the fact that you can easily play the game over many times without playing it the same way will give anyone a long lasting game to enjoy.

Game Length: Only 30% of the gameplay is currently available in this version of the game, but even only that amount of content takes quite a while to complete. Just one of the first areas that you go to can take around 5 hours to complete if you completely explore it. On release, a guess of 50 hours worth of gameplay seems accurate, and this isn't even taking replayability into consideration.

Should You Buy Wasteland 2?

Wasteland currently costs 60 dollars as part of the Steam early access program, but as time goes on and when it is released in its completed form the price will be lowering, but there is no idea how much it will cost then. If you do buy the game in early access you will also get a copy of the first wasteland, digital music, digital art, and digital novellas. Even though the game is mostly feature-complete in terms of gameplay and areas to explore, it would still be hard to say that the game is worth 60 dollars in its current form, especially since the complete version will have a lot more polish and at a lower price. If you are a big fan of the game and the type of gameplay and have been following its development for some time, then it might be worth buying. Whatever the case, whether you buy the game at 30 or 60 dollars, you can easily expect to get lots of enjoyment out of it.

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