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Diablo 3 - Games of 2013 @ Eurogamer

by Aries100, 2013-12-26 14:40:46

Oli Welsh at Eurogamer has written an editorial about how he first fell out of love with Diablo 3 and then fell back in love with it again when it was released on console in 2013.

A quote, then:

Feeling like the game was now theirs, Diablo 3's console team added more of their own little modifications to it. The Nephalem Glory buff, which drops randomly from monsters and stacks, gives the game new momentum, amping up the already ridiculous power of your heroes the longer you can keep a monster massacre going. It showed the game was now governed less by balance and more by feel.

A another quote, then:

Perhaps it was just the right game at the right time, although I think there's something truly beautiful in co-op Diablo 3. It's odd, because if you go looking for explicit co-op mechanics in the game, you'll barely find any. Most of the character classes and their skills are built to work equally well in single- and multiplayer. The action is so busy and fast that there's barely time to think, let alone collaborate or plan.


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