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The Banner Saga - Preview @ Polygon

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-27 09:39:24

Polygon has posted a new preview of The Banner Saga that goes into detail how the game deals with death in combat, and storytelling.

Each hero in your stable has a number of defining attributes affecting their movement, special ability and so on, but most of the proceedings in combat hinge upon just two stats: Strength and Armor. The first not only determines how hard a hero can hit their opponent; it serves as their health, too. As it depletes when the hero takes hits, their own ability to deal damage is diminished. The latter protects them from big hits — if your Armor rating is higher than an attacking enemy's Strength, their blow will do a pathetic amount of damage.

When attacking, you're given the choice to target either of these stats; do you try to weaken the enemy and bring them closer to death by hitting their Strength, or set up attacks from your teammates by lowering their Armor? If you leave either stat unchecked, you'll be in hot water, facing off against an army of heavy hitters or impenetrable walls. It takes the judicious targeting of both — along with each hero's limited set of special abilities — to win the day.

It's a deceptively simple system; one you might smugly consider a breeze, until your first misstep. Getting wrapped up in the arithmetic of your enemies' attributes will sometimes draw your attention away from those of your own, leaving a vulnerable archer or magic user undefended. Heroes that fall in battle will require a few days rest before they can fight at full strength — and those who fall too many times will die permanently.

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