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GamesIndustry.biz - Power to the People - Five Important Developements in 2013

by Aries100, 2013-12-27 17:36:19

Gamesindustry.biz has an editorial about the five most imporant developments in the gaming industry this year. According to to the editorial, the most important one
is this one:

1. Power to the people

A year after the Kickstarter craze first kicked off, crowdfunding is still evolving. In 2012, virtually nobody was pretending crowdfunding could be a viable alternative for the creation of full-scale AAA quality games. Today, with Chris Roberts' Star Citizen at $34 million and counting, that might be a discussion we could start having.n 2012, Kickstarter reported $83 million pledged to game projects, compared to about $4.2 million in the three years prior. Games have now passed the $200 million mark since the platform's founding, with more than half of those pledges coming in 2013.

The fifth most important development is this one:

5. Consoles not dead after all Heading into 2013, there was a lot of pessimism surrounding the console market. Next-gen systems would be losing ground. Consoles couldn't compete with PCs, and indeed would be outright replaced by them. Developers were shifting focus away from consoles.........
Once the PS4 and Xbox One launched, it became clear the enthusiasm for the new hardware wasn't just smoke and mirrors. Both systems sold through 1 million units in their first day, and 2 million within a few weeks.

Do you agree with Gamesindustry.biz?


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