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Skyrim - Population Mods

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-28 08:02:08

Have you ever played Skyrim and thought the game world is barren. If you did a talented modder at the Nexus has a few mods to repopulate the game world.

Populated Cities Towns Villages

Now all cities, towns and villages have new NPCs, with their AI, daily routines and actions. Compatible with everything (I suggest you to use with Immersive Settlements and Inconsequential NPCs), this mod does not use scripts. All new NPCs are respawnable, with different aspects.

Populated Forts Towers Places

How is possible that few bandits may conquer and keep a fort? Why most of them are inside when only 4-5 bandits are patrolling the walls? Now these oddities are fixed. More bandits, more immersion, more challenge and much, much other. Without using scripts, compatible with anything.

Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins 

Now a lot of locations (mainly caves and ruins) are more populated by enemies. This mod aims to give you: surprises, more challenge, more immersion and much other. PDCR is script-free and should be compatible almost with anything.

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