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Witcher 3 - Preview @ TheGameHeadz

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-28 08:20:51

TheGameHeadz has posted a preview of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from VGX 2013.

Much of what made Geralt what he is today involves the Wild Hunt. They were referred many times in the plot and Geralt has even fought some of them before. What sucks is Geralt never seems to get to meet the leader himself but The Witcher 3 finally gives you and gamers that humble chance to beat down the leader… if you can of course.

The Witcher 3’s combay system has been overhauled, making it more immersive and tactical than ever before. If you thought the combat in the first two games were awesome, you’ll definitely have glee all over you with the final game’s combat system. It takes the many elements from the first two games and improves them, making it adaptable to your playing style. Whether you like it to kick ass melee-style, magic-style or both, the combat system is yours to take. You, as the first two games let you, still have a choice of what powers your Geralt will have, so your choice may not be the same as the other players, which gives you a unique experience everytime. The trailer already showed that the tactical combat system has been overhauled beautifully.

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