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RPG News - The Scariest Moments in Gaming @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2006-10-30 21:11:58

GameSpy has kicked up a 12-page Halloween special titled The Scariest Moments in Gaming.  Getting mentions are Janice Polito's Office in System Shock 2 and The Ocean House in Vampire Bloodlines.  Here's a taste:

In a game about vampires, it's ironic that the scariest moments in the game involve ghosts. The Ocean House Hotel is a piece of property owned by one of the vampires of Santa Monica. Unfortunately, it's also being haunted by the spirit of a murdered woman and her two children along with the ghost of her husband -- he's the nutbar who killed them and then set the hotel on fire. The player's job is to put the spirits to rest so that the vampire's construction crew will return and finish tearing the place down.

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