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PotBS - Milestone 22 @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-10-30 21:23:23

Flying Lab Software has updated the official Pirates of the Burning Sea site with a glimpse of the game's current status.

Artists are improving island instances with new graphics standards, transforming the island landscapes so that they have the same visual appeal of our recently released Shark Tooth Island images. In addition, ArtCo is working to improve and polish camera positioning by adjusting the camera angles for improved playability and a more immersive experience while sailing.

There are eight new towns scheduled in Milestone 22, and work continues on several new versions of interiors, like the black market, new taverns and some incredible avatar combat spaces. Artists also spend time this milestone creating new particles, textures and models for avatar combat weaponry. Our ship combat UI gets a long-awaited makeover this milestone, with general art revisions, additions and improvements.


Source: Flying Lab Software

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