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GOG - Let's Party Sale

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-31 11:23:10

GOG.com is having another huge sale called Let's Party to go along with the New Year. You can find a variety of new bundles to suit any taste. Here are the details.

Let's Party Promo!

Say farewell to 2013 and welcome 2014 with 15 special bundle deals up to 80% off.

2013 is coming to an end. Oh, what a fun year this was to be a gamer! Especially a PC gamer, as our console brethren got quite a sizable share of stress and frustration along with their fun, mostly due to the controversy around the new console generation DRM policies. Luckily, the NoDRM movement scored quite a success there, and some of the gamers' worst nightmares did not materialize in the end. Meantime, here at GOG.com, it was another year of DRM-free gaming. We got bigger, we got better, and our catalog of the best games in history got more extensive. Business as usual. It was a good year to be a GOG.com user, and we can promise you this: the next one is going to be even better!

But you're probably anxious to hear about our promo for today, right? Well, we did wrap up the 2013 DRM-Free Winter sale last Sunday. But this doesn't have to mean we can't offer you some amazing deals today still! Remember all those bundles and packs that competed for your support to become the daily community choice? We know that a whole lot of people were disappointed to see their favorites get fewer votes than the other deal and seemingly vanish into oblivion. Fret not! We kept all those offers safe for you, and you can get them all now. Just navigate to our main page, and see for yourself: 15 special bundle deals up to 80% off. Nice, huh? Well, there's no better party than a gaming party, so let make the transition from one year to the other to the sound of laughter, mice clicking, and keyboard tapping! Hurrah!

This final 2013 special "bonus stage" offer will last until Thursday, January 2nd 2014, at 9:59AM GMT.

Happy New Year of gaming, everyone!

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