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Legends of Eisenwald - New Year Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-01 05:46:07

Aterdux Entertainment has posted a New Years Update for Legends of Eisenwald.

New Year update

This next year will be very important for us because that’s the year when Legends of Eisenwald will be released.We really hope that you will like the game when it’s done and that you will be getting a lot of quality playing time out of it.

This last year was very challenging and intense for our team. We were busy with the Greenlight campaign in the beginning of the year, then we ran out of funds a few months later but were lucky to find an investor. In May we got greenlit, and then kept working to release the game on Steam Early Access which was in our opinion rather successful, thanks to all of you. More importantly, it gave us enough funding to finish the development and do a few other things, improving user interface is one example. Early Access showed us that the game is not as ready as we thought it was and it gave us a lot to work with. We keep working on the issues along with finishing the remaining things. Here is a picture that will be used in the new interface in some buildings.

All in all, 2013 made us learn a lot and brought us much more closer to the finishing line. The game is becoming better, we experimented with a few things that were suggested by the community, a lot of bugs were fixed, and overall the game is much more stable and playable.

Next steps

Next large update will be centered around the Map Editor. All the other chapters will be included at the release time, we want everyone who already played to receive the full impact of the experience. Closer to the release at some point we will raise the game price. We think this way it will be fair to all of our early supporters (for the same reason we didn’t participate in Steam winter sale).

With the Map Editor on the horizon and continual other improvements, we will be working also on some promotional assets, which we hope you will enjoy as well.

We wish you a wonderful and successful 2014!

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