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Bethesda Softworks - Fan Petition for Fallout 4

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-04 04:38:57

IncGamers has news of a fan petition for Fallout 4 confirmation by Bethesda.

If you remember last November the survivor2299 site kicked off the whole Fallout 4 buzz with a bang but was subsequently revealed to be a hoax which upset many fans of the series. There was also the EU trademark filing mystery which again turned out to be a hoax.

Once all that had been confirmed as fakes and Bethesda announced they would not reveal anything at the VGX in December it was apparent they had no intention of revealing Fallout 4.

Then on 12 December word of a leaked script for Fallout 4 surfaced, and while it wasn’t confirmed as the script for Fallout 4, the dialogue certainly hinted that it was legitimate.

Bethesda took a fair amount of criticism for not shutting down all the hoaxes and they joined the party rather late in the day to debunk all the rumours with the following Tweet on 5 December.

With all that history fans are now urging Bethesda to step up and help put their minds at rest. A petition has just been launched by fans asking Bethesda to “throw throw us a bone” with any kind of hint that it is in development.

Petitions such as this will unlikely have any sway with a developer but if you feel passionate enough about Fallout 4 then why not fire your name down on the list.

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