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Bloom - Interview @ Indie Game HQ

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-06 05:12:26

Indie Game HQ interviews Dani Landers about his funded kickstarter Bloom: Memories.

Javier: Congratulations on the success of your Kickstarter Campaign. Now that you’re all good and funded, would you mind sharing some of the secrets? I know you had other two unsuccessful funding campaigns for Bloom. In your opinion, why do you think those two campaigns didn’t reach funding?

Dani: Thanks so much. I guess the biggest secret is to create something you believe in, and never give up.The first two campaigns failed for a lot of reasons (the first one largely being simple we were very naive in how Kickstarter works). The other time was largely because we were unknown and there was a lot of skepticism surrounding our abilities. Pushing forward and showing progress was a great way to let people see our hard work, and get them to understand our passion behind the project.

Javier: What would be your advice for those starting their Kickstarter Campaign?

Dani: Biggest advice is to study other campaigns and try to learn from their presentations. Also getting a stronger understanding of reward tiers (and just how severe shipping costs can be). Besides that, you need to have something about your project that makes it stand out. Why would someone want to pledge to your unfinished game when they can buy from the huge pool of existing games? You need to offer them something they don’t have today…something they wished existed…and something that could only exist if they stand up and support it.

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