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Shadowrun Returns - Save Game Beta Patch

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-07 03:34:53

Harebrained Schemes has a new forum post with information about the upcoming 1.2 game patch, and need help testing out the save game beta.

Fixers, Johnsons, Shadowlanders, Lend me your data-jacks!


Patch 1.2 is in the pipe, and its biggest, most important feature is our re-vamped, chromed-out Save Game System!

This new save-game system needs all the cyber-eyes we can get on it. When the beta goes live in the very near future, you will be on the forefront of ensuring that your current and future content is ready for the changes the new system brings.

We know that YOU, the community of UGC Creators and players, have invaluable insight into the nuances and workings of the game with your time spent with the editor and that insight is critical to the release of this important update.

Your assistance in this BETA will be of tremendous help.

Jeffery, Robin, and I will be here on the forums as well as info@hbs-studios.com to respond to and collect your valuable feedback and bug-reports.

Look for a detail-laden post announcing the beta release of 1.2 in the next week, and thank you for everything you do as a part of this wonderful community!

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