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GamesIndustry.biz - Violent Games Debate Over

by Aries100, 2014-01-07 20:01:33

In an editorial entitled  The violent game debate is over Brendan Sinclar talks about

the idea that a few hours of Grand Theft Auto can turn well-adjusted kids into middle school Manchurian Candidate killers is being clung to by a vanishingly small portion of the population.

Brian Sinclair finds that games the indutry would never have been published is resonsible for this:

What will finally inoculate the major players the industry from this sweeping criticism is games with introspective stories about straining family ties, exploring the difficulty of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, or coping with a child's terminal cancer. It's no coincidence that games like Gone Home, The Novelist, and That Dragon, Cancer are emerging from outside the framework of the traditional gaming industry.

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