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Might & Magic X - Welcome to Karthal

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-08 00:36:07

It's time for another update on the open development blog for Might & Magic X were the developers talk about the history Karthal.

In this article, we’ll talk about the major city of Might & Magic X Legacy: Karthal. Loremaster Elias of the Blind Brothers (the keepers of history of Ashan) has this to say in his History of Karthal:

As long as Ashan's history has been recorded, the great port of Karthal has been considered one of the jewels of the crown of the Falcon Emperors. The name Karthal is believed to derive from the Elven "Ker-Thal", which can be translated as "the Great Green", as the city stood on the edge of the great Elven Forests.

Before there was a city, there stood the great cathedral known as the Vigil of Karthal, built by the Angels on the site of one of their first great victories during the Elder Wars. Around this landmark, a fortress was erected, consisting in the area now known as the modern-day city's Upper District. From there, the city grew. It was only when the young Emperor Brian Falcon converted to the worship of Elrath that the Angels, led by the Archangels Uriel and Sarah, offered Karthal to the Falcons.


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