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Expeditions: Conquistador - Kickstarter Wrap-Up

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-09 00:29:31

It has been a while since we posted any news for Expeditions: Conquistador. The game had a few updates since november that I missed. Here is a recap.

Well everyone, we did it! 

The Expeditions: Conquistador Kickstarter is done, the game is out, and all the rewards have been sent out! 

Some Lessons Learned:

Regarding Kickstarter we setup our project after spending some time looking at what other game devs had done before us but nothing can compare to the lessons we learned about exclusive content when it comes to making games.

1. Give everyone a Beta Key. After reviewing our experience, and with the feedback from a number of backers, we can strongly recommend that you give all backers access to a beta key for your game. As a small team, it is difficult to get enough feedback pre-release regarding the user’s experience. We feel that you can’t have too much user feedback when it comes to making games and so for those of you out there working in small teams that are looking to kickstart a game the backers are incredibly helpful and passionate about the games they back. Let them help you!

2. Give exclusive in-game content, but only for a limited time. Backers, we know you love that juicy exclusive content! But it makes everyone else sad, and a bit jealous. Ultimately what we want to avoid as devs is exclusive in-game boosts. What we have learned is that this additional content was very cool. So for Kickstarter Devs, giving backers early access instead of completely exclusive assets might be a way to keep the general gaming community (non-backers) from feeling alienated.

3. Constant and Consistent Communication is key. We think that a bi-monthly or weekly update about the different trials of the project could be very valuable, not just to interested backers but to act as a developer diary of sorts, where we was devs can go back and be reminded of the different trials of development. We also think that this update should be performed by various members of the development team based on their role in the development.

What we have Achieved:

1. For our first PC title we are extremely proud of the current 77/100 Meta Score and user score of 8.3/10 on Meta Critic.

2. 30+ hours of Gameplay and the completion of a number of our KS stretch goals, even though we didn’t hit the stretch.

3. This has also allowed us to increase the size of the development team to 12 people which gives us a great deal more flexibility in our development process, and we have begun working on new projects. We’ve already got them in the pipeline, so you will be seeing more games released from us here at Logic Artists in the next few years.


Kudos to you backers! All that stuff we just wrote about in the update and more is thanks to you folks believing in our idea. We could not have done it without your support not just your donations but also all of the helpful comments and suggestions you have shared with us, both here and on the forums!

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