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Dark Messiah - Review @ 1Up

by Dhruin, 2006-10-31 22:17:53

"Broken" is the verdict for Dark Messiah from well-known gaming journalist Tom Chick at 1Up.  The score is 4/10 and here's the opening:

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is littered with racks of spikes, conveniently propped upright with the sharpy sides pointing outward. There are also walkways without railings and open fires everywhere. Racks of heavy barrels or marble sarcophagi are precariously held overhead by creaky wooden beams. It is an OSHA inspector's wet dream.

The message is clear. "Use the kick button!" is all but written in neon. With a simple thrust of one of your very visible legs--bound appropriately to the 'F' key--you can dispatch enemies with ease. Impale them on spikes, push them off cliffs, and shove them into fires where they'll light up as if they'd been marinated in lighter fluid. It's the fantasy world equivalent of guards who insist on standing next to explosive barrels. Welcome to The Adventures of Sir Kicksalot Deathboot in the Land of the Conspicuously Placed Spike Racks.

Update: Note that Tom has commented on the scoring system at 1Up, saying he would have rated it 6/10 for other sites.

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