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Legends of Eisenwald - Developers Diary #1

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-13 04:51:38

Aterdux Entertainment has posted a new Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald.

Developers diary #1: Windfeld can Astonish You

New year’s fuss did not interfere with the development of our game. We took a week’s vacation and it served as a good respite for us and gave us a chance to rethink some decisions.

On Monday we run into an obstacle and weren’t able to get into the office so we shifted working time to Saturday.

Don’t worry, we are fine and nothing wrong is going to happen. We all work as usual.

This week we thought that you could be interested in reading about the final stage of development of our game, because technical details aren’t so important now and we just have a lot of to talk about! And because of it today the team is going to talk about our progress in the weekly report.

Everyone go modding!

Despite that fact that we are mostly focused on key game elements, we also put a greater emphasis on the game editor. Today Nikolai is finishing the game build version 0.906 with final touches on some essential features for preparing the system for modding resource game files (graphic and models). Next week Denis will try to finish the alpha-version of modding system to integrate it with the editor and gameplay.

At this point Denis is fixing known registered bugs. We would like to thank our gaming community and staff testers for all the good finds. Don’t forget that you can point out found bugs and issues to us by using  the official forum, the Steam forum or the automatic bugreport system (appears when game crashes).

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