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Eschalon: Book III - Preview @ Softpedia

by Myrthos, 2014-01-15 17:37:32

With more detail compared to the Examiner preview Softpedia provide their thougths on Eschalon: Book III, which is to be released a month from now.

The graphics are the usual package, isometric 2D tiles and sprites, but they look very nice, the color palettes are varied enough from one environment to the other, there are many visual effects for what's going on in the world, in and out of combat, and they all look pretty nice.

Overall, a lot of work has been put into providing a detailed world that really comes across as believable and alive, including day and night cycles and lighting effects, that really add to the game's visuals as well as having an effect on gameplay mechanics.

Eschalon: Book III so far seems to deliver a strong and detailed old-school role-playing experience that doesn't just play on nostalgia, tangible improvements having been made to the classic system, and it comes all wrapped up in a quaint, but gorgeously detailed, 2D world.

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