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Bound By Flame - Preview @ Gamekult

by Myrthos, 2014-01-15 17:59:11

The French gaming site Gamekult has previewed Bound by Flame. As could be expected the article is in French, but you can always try the usual translate option, which will inform you of things like this:

We also imagine that the companions to recruit throughout the game will have their say on our eventual transformation and was especially able to cross a former member of the Lords of Cold that will join us in our misfortunes. The atmosphere of the world of Bound By Flame also seems rather sinister with a good scary bestiary and particularly dark nights. The day / night cycle is to have its own interest since some quests and some threats will only be available once the beautiful sun, lying. Spiders seem to have fun at the casting compound monstrosity that will cross our path, each is entitled to his little immunity to this type of damage to his property or disabling passive skill for the adventurer imprudent. What will motivate them to go wandering in the dark looking for new exploits to do before getting a big tuck poisonous creature. Go to the second quarter of this year to engage in the quest Bound By Flame on PC, PlayStation 3 and 4 but also Xbox 360.

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