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NWN - Darkness over Daggerford Interview #2 @ Sorcerer's Place

by Dhruin, 2006-11-01 01:44:37

Sorcerer's Place has the second part of their interview with Alan Miranda from Ossian Studios on the NWN mod Darkness over Daggerford:

SP: Considering the amount of time and effort your team has poured into DoD, its removal from the PM program must have come as a shock to you and your team. What were your initial reactions, and did you have any prior knowledge that the PM program might be shut down before the release of your module?

Alan Miranda: No, there was no forewarning about it. It just landed on us with the weight of a flying elephant that suddenly forgot how to fly. We were all rather upset when the news first came through, and then watched the explosive fallout subsequently unfold on the Net. We weren’t interested in jumping into the fray, however, and focused our efforts on finishing the game to the highest quality instead.

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