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Everquest Next: Landmark - The Minecraft Killer

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-21 00:51:45

Player Attack takes a look at Everquest Next: Landmark, and wonders if the F2P MMO RPG is a Minecraft killer.

Everquest Next: Landmark was a surprise announcement last year at SOE Live. Gamers were expecting an announcement on the future of the Everquest franchise and what they actually got was two announcements in one. While Sony is still making a fully fledged, more traditional MMO in Everquest Next, Landmark promises the sort of world-building and exploration more common in smaller multiplayer titles like Minecraft.

Like other world-building games a large part of the appeal is designing and constructing your own creations, whether that's a crude hut to live in, an exquisitely detailed castle or a meticulous recreation of the Starship Enterprise. People have been quite ingenious when it comes to using identically sized cubes to build in Minecraft and those same skills will transfer readily to Landmark.

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