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The Banner Saga - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-24 00:56:41

I managed to roundup more reviews and a few more articles abouth the games trademark problems. Lets get statered with the reviews first.

1. CGMagazine  - 4.5/5
2. ZTGD - 6.9/10

Next I have three articles about the trademark battle between Stioc and King.

1. Rock,Paper,Shotgun
2. Gamereactor
3. Invision Community

For last here is a Tradmark/Copyright lawyers view on Gamasutra.

The games press and sections of the games community has got hot under the collar (again) over trademark law.  This time around, it’s about news that King.com, maker of Candy Crush Saga and other games, is seeking to trademark ‘Candy’.  Cue lots of (to put it charitably) loose talk about ‘monopolies’ and even ‘patent trolling’ - much as there was regarding Games Workshop (with “Space Marine”) and Bethesda (with “The Elder Scrolls”) previously.  I’m going to try and talk some sense about this topic.

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