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Blackguards - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-25 00:44:08

Here are a few more reviews for the recently released Blackguards.

Cheatcc - 4/5

Daedalic may have had the intent to spin a tale of treachery and malevolence with Blackguards, but from the outset you'll find that each character has a conscience that is rarely tested, ultimately weaving an only slightly less-than-virtuous tale. That being said, every encounter is exciting and challenging, and the massive amount of class tailoring gives you plenty of reasons to replay the adventure and sample different character choices. It's a great foundation, especially for a game developer not accustomed to the genre, and I am eager to see if Daedalic can do anything more with the series, be it with a sequel, new content, or tools for players to create their own adventures.

Expansive DLC - 8/10

Considering I’ve played ten or so hours and barely got past the content being offered in the demo (It’s actually a seriously generous demo, and therefore well worth a look) I’d be hard pressed to call this a ‘final’ analysis, but what I was able to play of Blackguards was reasonably impressive. By keeping their focus on the combat system and abandoning or neglecting the rest of the genre’s usual features, Daedalic have produced an extremely refined and well thought out strategy game that strikes a good balance between usability and functionality.

Softpedia - 7/10

Blackguards is a role-playing game that will appeal to those who love the more classic experiences linked with the genre and it’s always nice to discover a game that uses a universe other than that of Dungeons & Dragons.

And for last Leviathyn has a video review.

Join Eric and Andrew as they dive headfirst into the distinctly European fantasy setting and explore the impressively large world map, work with some shady dwarves in a nearby town, and get a taste of the all important combat with some ruffians in a warehouse.

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